Kamloops BizLinks

Breakfast Business Networking Club

Bizlinks was started in May 2008 by a group of local professionals looking for a way to gain new clients.   We concentrate our efforts on the building of strong business relationships and trust between our members. These relationships result in extra efforts being made to help each other in Business growth, without the need to instate rules forcing referrals.

The Bizlinks model enables us to keep Face to Face networking practical, valuable and efficient.  We work closely with community charity organizations which improves each member’s business reputation within the community while helping struggling charity groups help people in need.

Meetings are held in the early mornings.  We meet in a restaurant meeting room or similar setting.  A meal is served at each meeting.  The gatherings generally last an hour to an hour and a quarter.  We are currently meeting at Frankly Coffee – 437 Lansdowne St. every Thursday morning at 7:15 am.

What happens at the meetings?

Meetings generally keep to a standard format and are somewhat formal to ensure the business mind-set is maintained.  The routine will not vary significantly.  At each meeting, during the meal, each member will be required to stand and do a marketing minute, which should include the following info:

  • Who you are
  • What your business is
  • Where your territory is
  • What would be a good referral for you
  • If you have a ‘memory hook’ don’t forget to use it

To keep every meeting fresh and educational, Bizlinks varies the meeting content with:

  • Guest Speakers from the Business Community
  • Attendance and representation at monthly Chamber Socials
  • Participation in Book reviews
  • Discussions on General Business Policy
  • In-depth Business informational from members
  • Member brainstorming-focus groups – reviewing a members growth plans, advertising, specific upcoming concerns facing the business, etc. while receiving input, support and guidance from the group
  • Quality referral reviews

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