Welcome to our new member – Coleen Ryan of Fitness on the Go.  We are proud to have you in our group.

Welcome to our new member – Graham A. Kay of Kay Law Office.  We are proud to have you in our group.

Welcome to our new member – Dalyce Brandt with Sharp Image Consulting.  We are proud to have you in our group.

Dennis gave a wonderful presentation to the group about the benefits of incorporating your business.  It was very informative.

Welcome to our new member – Marianne Branham with DLC White House Mortgages an Independently Owned & Operated Corporation.  We are proud to have you in our group.

Ziggy Morash gave an interesting presentation on the Rotary Clubs in Kamloops.  She explained what they do and debunked several myths.  It was very interesting.

Corrie Graves gave a wonderful presentation on All About You Footcare.  She explained a lot of things you can do to protect your feet as well as why you should protect your feet.

Marianne Branham with DLC White House Mortgages an Independently Owned & Operated Corporation gave a presentation on mortgages.  She explained what to keep an eye on when looking for the best mortgage that fits what you need.

Mike Forbes of Kamloops Insurance talked about insurance.  It was very interesting and informative.

Kimberely Eibl, Operations Manager for Kamloops Innovation Centre gave a presentation.  She discussed what the centre has to offer Tech minded people.  Everything from office space and coworking to programs, events, mentoring and training.  Lets keep our tech in Kamloops!  Drop in to see what it is all about.

Kirk Densmore gave an interesting presentation of the re-branding changes made to his business website and logo.   Looks great Kirk!

We had two lunch two hour sessions with Aida Andersen Ph.D. of Aida.Com.   She taught the group how to improve our sales techniques.  The seminars were very informative and interesting.

The Christmas social was great fun.  We had a gift exchange game.  It was a lovely end to the meetings for the year 2014.

Today Glenda Gesy explained her position with RBC and what services they offer.  I found the presentation informative.

Today Dennis Piva of Tenisci Piva Accounting spoke to the group on things you can do to prepare for the coming tax year.  Year end tax planning tips, investor strategies, RRSPs and RRIFs, and small business year-end tax strategies.  It was very informative, thank you.

Spencer Watson gave a wonderful talk about his position with Edward Jones and how he conducts business.  He explained the services he offers and how they differ from other companies.  It was very interesting.

We had two lunch two hour sessions with Aida Andersen Ph.D. of Aida.Com.  She shared her knowledge of business marketing and promotion with the club members.  With her insight we are working on improving our business marketing methods in ways that are both efficient and cost effective.

We had a representative from the Family Tree non-profit organization come and talk to us about how they contribute to the Kamloops area.  It was a very interesting presentation.

Rebecca Hughson, the publisher of – Bringing Neighbours Together.  Publishes a newspaper/flyer that targets certain areas with area related information and advertising.  It spotlights a member of that community and events held there.

We had a great presentation given to us by Aida Andersen Ph.D. of Aida.Com.  She gave us all some great business coaching.  Her company is there to help businesses move to the next step or just improve what they have.

Today we had a presentation given to us by Marco Coyle of Investers Group.  He discussed some of the products offered by the company.

Dirk Vissers gave a presentation on his contracting business – MDCreations.    Ideas and solutions for your home and property.  He also explained the ground screw.  It is a very large screw that is put into the ground and can then be used as a foundation for building.  Very cost effective and less damaging to surrounding soil and vegetation.  Unlike digging and pouring a concrete foundation.

Stephan Klausat from Summit Capital Business Brokers came to our morning meeting and explained how business brokers work and what they can do for a business.  It was a very interesting presentation.

This week we had a presentation given by Gordon Ballantyne from Tidbits.  He has a very interesting paper that is published once a week.  He discussed advertising and distribution with the membership.

Tracy Sparks from CheckHouse Home Inspections came and talked about her husband and wife house inspection business.  For more information check out their website at:

Today we spotlighted Raymond Nyuli’s company Entertainment Management.  It was a very interesting presentation.  For more information please check out his website listed on the members page.

Welcome Raymond Nyuli of Entertainment Management as our new member.   Entertainment Management provides Event Management, Entertainment Bookings and Promotional services for your business, sports or arts events.  They provide full end-to-end services or selected customized services as required by you.  For contact information please refer to the members page.

Entertainment Management Associates

Regula came to the meeting to speak to us about the Spa at Quaaout Lodge called Le7Ke Spa.  It sounds very wonderful.

We discussed the book The E-Myth Revisited.  Today our discussion focused on how to take a vacation and still manage your business.  Can you safely leave for holiday and not have things fall apart in your business?

We have a wonderful Christmas social today!  We had a gift exchange that involved picking a random gift and either keeping it or having another member switch with you.  It was great fun.  Hope everyone a wonderful New Year 2014!

Thank you Cathy Lidster for your presentation on Nutrition Response Testing you gave on November 28, 2013.  It was very interesting to hear how the body responds to the right nutrients.  If you have one or more health conditions that won’t go away, and you want to get to the root of the problem you should give her a call.

Welcome to our new member Tamryn Fudge of Spirit Partner Shaman Services!

The wellness festival that ran this past weekend, offered a wide variety of exhibitors and visitors.  It was said by some exhibitors that this was an audience they would never have met any other place.  Below are the displays from some of our members who participated and enjoyed their experience.

All About You Foot CareFGXPress  Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service

Susan Smurthwaite lead the book discussion on our current read, The Four Agreements.

Tammie Oram gave a talk on family and business counselling.  It was very interesting to hear about all the options that are available to help in your life and business.

Elizabeth Beeds the publisher of Interior Wellness Magazine came and gave a presentation on her business.  How the magazine betters the community and provides information for wellness to the Kamloops and area people.  She also talked about the up and coming Interior Wellness Festival that is being held September 27-29, 2013 at Thompson Rivers University Conference Centre.

Susan Smurthwaite awarded a 200.00 referral cheque to Mike Forbes of Kamloops Insurance Inc. for referring a student to the Academy of Learning.